Black History Month: Dulcedo Agent Taylor Yu Discusses the Modeling Industry’s Inclusiveness

February 12, 2023

In recognition of Black History Month, we sought the insights of Taylor Yu, one of our storied model agents, on the inclusiveness of the modeling industry. With seven years of experience honed at Dulcedo, Taylor's expertise and unique perspective make her an invaluable resource for both current and aspiring Black models seeking to navigate and succeed within this competitive field. Read Taylor's thoughts below!
Treading Lightly, Remaining Hopeful: Reflections on the Industry Changes
There have been beautiful changes we've seen within the model world as it relates to representation in this space. While I am happy to see so much diversity, inclusion and representation (finally), it does sadden me that it has taken so much fight, so many obstacles and so much time to get here.
Is it genuine? I often wonder as we live in a time where the fear of being 'canceled' is often the driving force & motivation behind being 'inclusive' and 'diverse'.
All we can do is hope that the intention behind it is in fact real and that brands are seeing the beauty of black & brown models not only because of fear, not only because of a movement but truly because they are beautiful, they represent the colorful world we live in and are deserving of being included just as much as anyone else.
My advice for models of color entering the industry: find an agency that believes in you, that represents models that look like you and will champion for you and protect you; one that will ensure the teams on set are well equipped to work with you as easily as they are equipped to work with caucasian models and that you always feel seen and supported.

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Black History Month: Dulcedo Agent Taylor Yu Discusses the Modeling Industry’s Inclusiveness

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