Annie Guglia – Back to Back Champ

August 19, 2019 – Thomas Houlton

The Jackalope Montreal Skateboard competition, rightly dubbed the "Biggest Action Sports Festival in Canada", took place this weekend displaying an impressive array of skateboarding, bouldering, fixed gear biking, and base jumping events and activities. Our very own Annie Guglia put on a Gold metal run that ensured the defending of her Jackalope women's skateboard title, making her the back to back champ; a rightly deserved feat.

The Jackalope competition was Annie's first competition back giving her 100% on a 85% ankle. With her ankle still healing from a bad sprain, Annie proved how much of a competitor she really is, surpassing her competition despite her injury.

Joining Annie on her winning day was Olympic silver medalist, Max Parrot, taking a break from his intensive training regimen prepping him for the X-Games in Norway at the end of August. Meeting with skate and snowboard fans under the Swatch tent, Max enjoyed his day of rest and celebrated Annie's big win with the rest of the Dulcedo family. Although they were each facing challenges in their own respects over the last couple months, Max and Annie both proved that resilience and determination is a trait that runs through all Dulcedo Sports athletes.
Congratulations Annie!!
Annie Guglia – Back to Back Champ

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