Meet our newest Sports & Entertainment agent, Brandon Chandler

August 2, 2022

Sports agent by trade, but ‘hopeless romantic’ at heart, Brandon Chandler continues to build a career on creating love stories between people and things – or in this case, athletes and brands. While studying Communications and Business Administration at the University of Waterloo, Brandon was tasked to write a thesis on the industry classic film, Jerry Maguire, and notes that essay as the transformative turning point that set him on a path into the world of Athlete representation. To date, Brandon has been privileged to work with some of Canada’s most influential and rising star athletes, from Olympians, Paralympians, athletics and Canada's National Men’s and Women’s soccer teams. Brandon’s portfolio of Athlete partnerships has already led him to build a portfolio that boasts some of North America’s most recognizable brands.
Upon graduation, Brandon chose a route less traveled at the time to enter Canada’s sports landscape, foregoing additional post-graduate specialization, but in turn forged an entrepreneurial, self-taught path through relationship building, opportunity prospecting and networking. With a strong belief that your ‘network is your net worth’, Brandon began connecting with both professional and emerging athletes in his peripheral networks and proving his worth by connecting them with national and global brand opportunities.
In the short-term, Brandon is most looking forward to maintaining his 100% athlete partnership renewal rate, and overall continuing the upward trajectory of himself as an Agent, and his athletes of which he has brought over with him as new additions to Dulcedo’s athlete roster. Long-term, Brandon wants to continue forging a path to becoming one of Canada’s most influential sports marketing agents, with great ambitions in becoming a leader for diversity and representation in the world of sports business as one of Canada’s only black sports agents.
Brandon is most excited about joining Dulcedo’s team of like-minded and ambitious young sports agents, who he believes collectively will be instrumental in innovating and shaping the partnership landscape for athlete representation in Canada and beyond for years to come.
In his free time, Brandon prefers to focus on spending time with family and friends, while immersing himself in all Toronto has to offer and its growing and passionate sports landscape.
Meet our newest Sports & Entertainment agent, Brandon Chandler

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