Cath Bastien enjoys Activia’s Gut Health Retreat in Miami

March 22, 2019 – Thomas Houlton

This weekend, Cath travelled to Miami to join a few fellow Canadian and global Activia ambassadors in a gut health awareness retreat. She participated in workshops, seminars and workouts all dedicated to educating the importance of gut health.
Friday morning's activity included starting the day with sunrise yoga by the ocean. Cath shared her new key insights with her fans on Instagram. Specifically the importance of daily movement. She also demonstrated some helpful yoga posses that contribute positively to a healthy gut.
Later in the day she attended a dietary impact workshop. She stressed the importance of eating foods that are rich in fibre and protein which, will provide your body with the energy needed to go about your day.
Cath Bastien enjoys Activia’s Gut Health Retreat in Miami

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