Cath represents Activia Canada at Lolë White Tour

August 20, 2019 – Thomas Houlton

Over the weekend, Cath joined thousands of women and men who gathered together, clad in white clothing, at park Jean Drapeau to share their passion for yoga at Lolë's White Tour. The immensely popular event just wrapped up its seventh year, and those who were not able to snag tickets are already anxious for the next.
Our resident Yogi, Cath Bastien, joined Activia Canada at the Montreal event, along with a handful of other wellness influencers from in and around Quebec. Their mission, as always, was to spread the word on the importance of gut health and digestive regularity, as vital parts of physical wellbeing. Attendees of the event were able to stop by the Activia Canada tent on location, chat with Cath and the other ambassadors, enjoy some tasty smoothie bowls, and leave with some great Activia merch.
Lolë's focus for the White Tour is five-fold, encompassing yoga, meditation, guidance, music, and love as the fundamental pillars to mental and physical wellness. Cath's lifestyle aligns perfectly with Lolë's mission, and when adding Activia Canada products into her daily regime, health and wellness comes full circle.
Cath represents Activia Canada at Lolë White Tour

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