Marc Fitt


Fitness Icon

Top fitness model and icon conquering the world one rep at a time!


Going to the gym is a tiny portion of Marc Fitt's long list of interests. Sponsored athlete, entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, photographer, philanthropist and fitness columnist, this young man from Montreal has quickly become a world-renowned fitness figure. From slim teenager to fitness icon, Marc conquered his fans by disclosing every step of his journey. His rock-solid assiduity and his extremely inspiring talks make his followers constantly crave for more – his videos have garnered more than 50 millions views! "Everything starts in your mind; you have to keep yourself motivated at every moment of everyday if you hope to reach your goals." Marc Fitt Gifted with an endless source of energy, Marc also markets a list of tools and products to help people get in the best shape of their lives in addition to running a clothing line that gives back to the community. That initiative shows exactly what Marc is about – he believes working out does not only make him stronger, it also pushes him towards becoming a better person.


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