Priscilla Hon

Athlete /

Professional Tennis Player


Priscilla Hon is a breakout professional tennis player star from Brisbane, Australia. Currently coached by Guillaume Peyre, Priscilla has most recently captured the ITF Israel Championship title in late May, 2022. In 2021, Priscilla shook the tennis world in comeback fashion when she defeated two-time grand slam title-winning Petra Kvitova at the Adelaide International. As the competition season heats up, all eyes are set on Priscilla as she begins to prepare for the infamous Wimbledon Championship Tournament set in late June. Off the court, Priscilla is a part-time foodie with a love and a passion for showcasing her healthy and nutritious meals with her followers. Additionally, Priscilla puts her love for fashion to the test as she is the co-founder of Platform Six, a clothing company built on the premise that all people have the power and freedom to express themselves. As Priscilla puts it "our sneakers are a manifestation of the belief that no matter your gender, sexual orientation, or identity, all people have the fundamental right to love and happiness". The business-first mentality is further accentuated as Priscilla is also the owner of "Priscilla Hon NFT Collection". In 2022, Priscilla is on the road to a top 50 global ranking and will be competing across both Europe and North America.


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