A Short Love Story: Super quick tips on how to get the most out of YouTube Shorts

Social Media, Trends

by Ashley | December 21, 2022

Short form videos are here to stay. And Google has become a formidable player in the battle of Reels vs TikTok with YouTube Shorts. We spoke on Dulcedo.com about the success of one our talents on the platform (YouTube Shorts helped our talent grow her channel from around 3000 subscribers to over a million within a time span of eight months) and how this is the perfect gateway for late adopters looking to start a YouTube channel. See our quick tips below on how brands and individuals can capitalize on this opportunity.

1. Hashtags

Use a minimum of three hashtags on shorts. Hashtags help your content get discovered. Be strategic and research trends, and utilize!

2. Avoid using watermarks

Just like Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts AI does not like watermarks on videos. So if you are reposting from TikTok onto YouTube or from other platforms, make sure to save the video without the watermark. Because essentially, you’ll be then promoting YouTube’s competitor on their own platform and YouTube and more importantly, the algorithm won’t be down for that.

3. Get straight to the point

Avoid posting videos with multiple parts/sequels. “Like and stay tuned for part 2!” has become synonymous with TikTok but YouTube Shorts prefers to promote video content that needs no context for a viewer to understand. 

4. Be bold!

Hook your audience and entice them to click on your content through the use of bold visuals/text, popular audio, and sharp editing. Be visually appealing.

5. Post multiple times a day

Many creators are finding success by posting multiple times a day! There’s no limit to how much you post. Sure, sometimes multiple posts can truly be excessive. But if there’s rhyme and reason, go for it. It’s a newer platform still and YouTube wants to continue to popularize it. So they are encouraging users to use it and use it a lot!

6. Comedy and Gaming have found their home

If your content is primarily comedic or gaming-focused, YouTube Shorts welcomes you with open arms as it is one of the fastest growing types of content on the platform. 

7. Use YouTube Shorts as a promo cut

Use Shorts to promo your longer YouTube videos to drive your subscriber base. It’s a great tool to let your viewers know when you’ll be posting.