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We started running digital campaigns through Dulcedo Management in 2014, while educating our clients about the ever-growing importance of social media marketing. We extended and added to our services, creating a category of our own in the process, as we morphed into one of Canada’s first-ever influencer agencies.

By adapting to insights we gained from thought leaders, collaborators and other early adopters, we perfected our unique strategy for leveraging influencer credibility and clout across digital platforms and social media. Always looking for what’s new, and what’s next, we continually challenge ourselves to set new standards of KPI measurements to improve our clients’ ROI.

Knowledge is power

As digital natives, we understand the power of data as well as its weaknesses. The most successful digital campaigns demand a very sophisticated level of data analysis to optimize performance throughout the duration of the entire campaign. So, our in-house team of data warriors carefully monitor the daily ebb and flow, and rigorously crunch the numbers to make the most informed decisions and recommendations.

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Always stay top of mind

Established brands and companies understand the power of social and the need for the strategic and expert management of their social assets. Like all advertising, you have to spend money to make money. So, the question simply comes down to how much and where?

Whether we’re mandated to maximize momentum, frequency and reach for a short-run promotional campaign, or you choose to work with us as your full-service in-house agency of record, you can always rest-assured that we’ll help you reach your business objectives while maximizing your digital marketing ROI.

We believe in the brands we work with and we take the time to gain your trust by getting to know you and educating you on our processes. We develop long-lasting and long-term relationships with our talent and brands which in turn provide greater familiarity, consistency and ROI.

Culturally well-travelled

With offices in Montréal and Toronto, we are multicultural, multinational and multilingual. So, whether you’re looking to speak to your audience in English, French, Spanish, or any another language, in North America or on the other side of the planet, you’ve come to the right place!

Culturally progressive by DNA, we celebrate diversity and recognize the increased reach and traction campaigns gain by speaking to people in their preferred language. Our highly specialized geo-location and targeting services will help you find and speak with your audience across geographic, linguistic and niche spaces.

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To infinity and beyond!


We understand the power of digital. In fact, we were born in, and of it. In 2008, we leveraged Facebook to find talent and build our agency. Only a few years later in the early 2010s, we saw the rising tide and wave in the social landscape and soon after launched Dulcedo Influencers. We focused on influencer marketing and SEM confident that they were going to be the primary vehicles used to energize our clients’ brands.

Today, top brands and organizations look to us for cues and insights on what’s trending and what’s next. And our 360° full-service activation solutions provide greater creative control across the entire process to generate even greater opportunities for our clients.


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