Quick TikTok Growth Hacks

Social Media, Trends

by Ashley | December 12, 2022

TikTok exploded in popularity during the pandemic of 2020, during the peak of lockdowns. Instagram was always known as a very aesthetic driven platform. It would take time, effort, and a fair bit of strategy for many users before they would press “post”. It was also the platform known for creating an image that became known as a hyper edited “reality”. 

Being stuck at home during lockdowns with nothing really new to showcase, TikTok seized the opportunity by providing a platform that encouraged impromptu content that didn’t have to be highly stylized. It was totally cool to show the world that you’re in your sweats, dancing in your messy bedroom while lip synching the latest Top 40 drop without a care in the world. Not only was it okay, it was encouraged!

But as the platform has continued to explode (and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon), some of the endearing qualities of TikTok have pivoted a bit. Let’s take a look at some of those and other tips that can help you grow your channel in an endless sea of bad Food Network tropes, corny dancing, and some major Pink Sauce drama. 

1. Quality filming and good lighting

As we mentioned above, TikTok is known for being a more spontaneous platform. Impromptu is a good thing! But as the competition stiffens, you want to stand out. Good lighting and quality sound and filming will never go out of style. You want your audience to see and hear your content clearly. So put a sincere effort into the production and editing of your video. Good quality content is always appreciated. And you don’t need to break the bank to do so. Instead of filming at night, film in a brightly lit room with plenty of sunlight during the day! Or find affordable lighting kits on Amazon.

2. Use trending songs

TikTok’s algorithm promotes videos that are using trending songs. Much like how Twitter promotes tweets discussing trending topics, TikTok is going to feature videos that use popular songs on the platform. When you’re making your video, a simple way to find out what’s trending is to use a recommended song that the app suggests! If you’re not feeling their suggestion, take a look at the FYP (For You Page) for some sounds that could work for your video.

3. Hashtags

A staple of any and all popular social platforms: the hashtag. The more strategic your hashtags, the more chance that your video will earn views and likes. You can find trending hashtags via the TikTok app. When you’re crafting your caption, simply hit # and trending suggestions will pop up. 

4. Ideal posting times

Research on ideal posting times for your audience. Where are you based, where is your audience primarily based? For example, most people are on their phones during their morning commutes to school or work. Therefore, it’s probably wise to post early in the morning to get that captive audience’s attention.

5. Use TikTok stories

As of March 2022, TikTok now has a Stories feature much like Snapchat and Instagram. TikTok wants its users to use this new feature, and will most likely reward you by pushing your content through the algorithm. In general, when an app comes out with a new feature, users should utilize it. It’s always going to help you grow because the company has invested a lot into building it out and wanting to popularize it. Therefore, it’s simply a no brainer to utilize it to grow.