Top Five Ways To Grow Your Instagram

Social Media

by Ashley | October 9, 2022

Instagram continues to be one of the most important social media networks around for individuals and businesses. It’s never too late to get into the social media game. And we came up with five quick tips to utilize to grow your Instagram account. 

1. Utilize precious real estate

Your Instagram bio should always answer who, what, and why. It’s in essence, an elevator pitch for your brand. Use all the characters provided to you to tailor a message that provides your audience with any relevant information they need to know.

2. Social media is a highlight reel

Instagram Highlights allow you to save your best hits from Instagram stories. One solid strategy is using highlights to educate your audience on topics relevant to them. For example, you can find recipes saved in highlights from foodie instagram accounts or makeup tutorials from beauty accounts. The highlight reels should communicate exactly what you are trying to showcase to your audience. And though stories are less formal than a traditional post, they should still follow a theme and an aesthetic that is consistent throughout your page.

3. Content is King

Have a solid content strategy! Be consistent, have an specific aesthetic and a theme, and use video. Instagram is shifting towards a dynamic content driven platform to compete with TikTok and the algorithm currently favors video content. This has drawn ire from many users but it doesn’t seem like Instagram is going to shift away from this strategy any time soon. If you’re still continuing to post static photos, use carousel posts instead of a single post as the algorithm favors carousels along with Reels.

4. Create a community

Engage directly with users in comments, explore hashtags, be personable when interacting with others, and try your best to respond to every comment you’re able to while you’re growing your account. Social media is called “social” for a reason. Users crave interaction. So use that to your advantage.

5. Research, research, research.

Analytics should become your best friend. There are research tools that can track follower growth, ROI for campaigns, what content is working, what’s missing, and more. Instagram’s own Insights tool is also valuable and can give a quick snapshot of your audience’s demographics, your reach, and post performance.