Six little words that encompass our service. As an influencer agency, we work closely with thousands of influencers per year to produce engaging campaigns and strategies that work.

How do we do that? With our proven crowd-sourced formula. Because practice makes perfect, we sought to perfect the “influencer campaign” by developing ironclad processes and methodologies carefully refined over 200 in-house campaigns and countless collaborations with industry leaders.


The DDA influencer campaign starts with building your framework. Here we’ll learn about your objectives, your budget, your target market, and your individual campaign requirements. Each campaign is original, highly customized and handled in a completely unique way.


Our goal is to raise awareness and preference for your brand by naturally incorporating it into the social world in authentic and meaningful ways. Have someone particular in mind for your project? Let us know. One of our key areas of expertise is finding, securing and negotiating contracts for companies and brands.

You can also explore the Dulcedo universe of top-tier talent across fashion, beauty, lifestyle, sports, entertainment, gaming, esports and other categories. You’ll receive preferential rates and the peace of mind of working with professionals. Learn how to choose the right influencer for the job.


Content briefs are sent to your influencers to set expectations and minimize potential for error. Each influencer submits their content for your approval before anything is posted. Once approved, we coordinate the timeline and ensure that each influencer posts the approved assets on schedule.

Our agreements carefully outline every detail of the campaign and include protective clauses to ensure accountability.


Launch day arrives and it’s mission CONTENT LIVE! Throughout the launch, we monitor the performance of the communications in every possible way to act as a first filter upon its reception by the target audience. We continue to monitor and work with our data team to find valuable insights that allow us to optimize the campaign in real time from start to finish.


We create 2 types of reports (raw data directly from the platform and recap) with compiled results based on the campaign goals, including recommendations to highlight top performers, content types, and tactics to outline key components of success. Reports also include recommendations for optimizing and improving future performance and an action plan for the remainder of the campaign. All the data included in the report is 1st party, directly from the platform itself. We also handle the processing of each Influencer payment for you.



As the campaign concludes, reports are generated, recommendations are provided, and all necessary improvements are made for the next phase. We always optimize the follow-up campaign using the data gathered from the first run. We can then determine if we need more video content, more traffic, or more comments on a particular influencer’s profile and make the changes moving forward.

Confident that we’ll not only meet, but most likely exceed your marketing expectations, we’re ready and set for the next phase of your campaign or your next project.

ready to get started?


Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Influencers we will work with?

Since our inception, we have pledged to work with all influencers, in-house or otherwise. You can find our entire list of official “Dulcedo-represented” influencers on our website -

I am an agency or I have an agency, can I still work with you guys?

Yes! We work with external partners and off-agency talent for all types of activations. In our experience, working with the leading media agencies, PR agencies, Ad agencies, Digital agencies has yielded the most impactful results.

How big should my budget be to work with you guys?

We work with budgets big and small, so expense level is far less important than suitability.

Why should I invest in an influencer marketing campaign?

Influencer marketing is the future of marketing. Social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube have become the most impactful marketing channels in the world, so the right influencer marketing campaign can literally transform your business.

What kind of campaigns do you work on?

We work with brands across all industries on campaigns that range in scope and depth.

Why should I work with DDA?

We are one of the first movers in the influencer agency space, and have developed an open source methodology through incorporating the knowledge of our industry partners that have generated massive ROI throughout our 6000 collaborations. We also sit on the committee of the Canadian Ad Council, making us a leading voice in the advancement of strong ethical standards in Canadian advertising relating to paid social media collaborations.



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