Proud gamer, nerd, husband, father, and gym bro .

“Nobody wants it more ”

Rob is a gaming content creator that strives for success. Going to work at the steel mill as a high school graduate, Rob always knew he was meant for more than to just clock in and clock out. Being a husband and a father of two, he had to find a purpose he was passionate about while also being able to provide for his family, who is his entire world. In December of 2021, Rob found his purpose. He finally decided to pursue a career as a gaming content creator. Over a year and a following of 200k later, Rob is working harder than ever. Waking up at 3am to work on content before going to his 10-12 hour shift at the oil refinery, Rob is inching closer and closer to making his dreams a reality and giving his family the life they’ve always dreamt of. Nobody wants it more.


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