Kristie Sita is an energetic, inspiring, and empowering role model who has become an influencer in many unique spheres of social media. After surviving a boating accident as a young teen, which resulted in the loss of her left hand, she has continued to persevere, conquer the obstacles ahead, and live life to the fullest. Following a successful career as a professional dancer, Kristie transitioned into the social media space where she aims to continue being a beacon of inspiration and strength through her educational content, fitness and life journey. On the business front, Kristie is an entrepreneur and motivational speaker who has most recently participated in the "Fitness World International Women's Day" panel where she discusses how to navigate the fitness industry as a woman, the "Creators & Entrepreneurs" panel where her focus was geared towards social media entrepreneurship, brand development, and commercial revenue, and lastly, the "Churchome Discussion" where Kristie spoke about her relationship with faith, the importance it held during her recovery process, and the key role it plays in her current life. Outside of social media, Kristie has a love for all things, fitness, fashion, tech, beauty, family, and faith.


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