Max Parrot takes San Fran for Audi E-Tron Launch

September 18, 2018 – Thomas Houlton

Max was invited by Audi Canada to San Fransisco this week for the highly anticipated world premiere of the Audi E-Tron. Their first all-electric-drive production model showcasing how electric mobility integrates into everyday life. This five-passenger SUV is designed to take on the growing market for SUVs and crossovers while still promoting green driving

Audi opened up what is basically a small museum to show off its latest vehicle. Max was in attendance for the grand unveiling while also taking time to visit the pop-up event on Battery Street. He took his social media viewers on a tour of the expo, showing off futuristic car concepts. Visitors were outfitted with LED bracelets when they arrived that allowed them to access parts of the exhibit with social media posts

"In 2025, every Audi will also be available as an electric option"
Max Parrot takes San Fran for Audi E-Tron Launch

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