Now Representing: SAGE WATSON

November 26, 2019

Sage Watson is a force to be reckoned with on the track - a dominant hurdler competing in two Olympic disciplines, the 400H and the 4x4H relay, at just 25 years old she has already represented Canada at the international level 11 times, and racked up a laundry list of career defining achievements. Sage's natural competition poise and discipline was instilled in her at an early age, when she picked up running through the winding gravel roads of her home town of rural Medicine Hat, Alberta. This discipline earned Sage the right to call herself the 2015 ACC Champion (400H), 2017 NCAA champion (400H), 2017 PAC 12 Champion (400H), 2016 Olympian and Olympic finalist (4x4H relay).
Besides being a gifted athlete, Sage has become well know for her signature look, bright red lipstick while racing. She took on the look after being criticized early on in her career for wearing makeup to a track meet, and has since been sporting the bold look as a symbol of female empowerment in sport, and as an example for young athletes that there are no beauty standards or requirements in sports.
Sage is coming off a huge 2019 season, successfully adding Pan American Gold medalist (400H), Canadian National Record Holder (400H), and World Championship Finalist (400H) to her ever-growing list of titles. She's currently fully immersed in off-season training with her tunnel vision set on the Tokyo 2020 podium.
Welcome to the Dulcedo Sports family, Sage!
Now Representing: SAGE WATSON

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