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Amplify Your Reach and Influence to
the Next Level

Dulcedo, a full-service talent management and digital marketing agency with offices in Montreal and Toronto, and satellite offices globally, helps build personal brands for influential individuals such as models, influencers, creators, athletes, and celebrities. We specialize in developing and implementing effective influencer marketing strategies and showcasing your unique talents and persona to set you apart from competitors. Whether online or in traditional media, we ensure that you stand out while remaining true to yourself and your audience.

Full Service Management that Grows Your Content, Fan Base
and Reach as an Athlete and Celebrity

Our services include, but are not limited to:

>> Leverage Our Specialist Team of Sports Marketing Experts

We build a 360° team of experts dedicated to managing the unique and sophisticated needs of athletes. Every step of the way, our team supports your personal brand through developing and executing intensive marketing programs and managing traditional and digital marketing campaigns. Our goal is to execute creative influencer marketing strategies that deliver measurable results. Our team, who are dedicated experts in digital influencer marketing, promise to help you achieve your goals and take your personal brand to the next level.

>> Proactive Business, Campaign Development, and Execution

We are a digital marketing agency that specializes in developing conversations and connecting athletes with brands and individuals that will help grow their network, name recognition, campaign portfolio, personal brand awareness, and digital footprint in the sports industry.

>> Expand Your Professional Network

We work with athletes to connect them with industry professionals and brands that align with their personal brand and career goals. Our agency specializes in building relationships with key players in the sports industry, to help athletes expand their network, gain access to new opportunities, and increase their visibility. We also assist in creating a strong online presence and creating a network that is diverse and inclusive. By expanding the reach and visibility of athletes, we aim to open doors to new opportunities and potential collaborations.

>> Support Your Brand: Create and Commercialize Your Own Products

Our agency can help athletes with every aspect of promoting and launching their own line or developing their own business, from idea to licensing, manufacturing, sales and fulfillment, branding, traditional marketing, digital marketing, and more. We may also invest in getting your product or service off the ground if we feel it has serious potential and a market across Canada or the US.

>> Grow Personal Brand Awareness as an Athlete

We develop and execute strategies to leverage the unique traits of athletes to build an engaging and attractive personal brand on local, national, and international levels through media training, influencer marketing campaigns, social media coaching, performance marketing, social media campaigns, media advertising, global influencer marketing, and more. Leave it to us! We will take care of everything as a full-service agency. Our goal is to support your brand by defining its purpose and vision.

>> Building Lasting Relationships

We strive to create long-lasting relationships with brands, products, services, and media to position you for sustained growth and long-term success.

>> Develop and Execute Media and Press Coverage

We develop and execute press opportunities to create greater awareness about the personal brand of athletes outside their digital landscape and position them as top commodity in their field. Press lends to credibility and will enhance and support their brand and content.

>> Global Influencer Marketing: Even More Opportunities

As an influencer marketing agency and talent management company, we can help athletes with book deals, speaking engagements, influencer campaigns, brand collaborations, personal appearances, paid media, product lines, editorial features, and more, to grow new audiences and expand their career.

>> Creator and Celebrity Philanthropy

Our agency specializes in community and charity involvement, ambassador, and spokesperson roles that give back. We can help athletes get more engaged in causes they are interested in supporting.

How we do it

We Are The Athlete's Cornerstone:

In everything we do, we strive to promote the unique talents of athletes and collaborate with exceptional brands to create memorable and lasting campaigns that attract fans and increase visibility. We develop and execute 360° marketing strategies, partnerships and campaigns. Whether it's on social media, working with top photographers or planning a shoot for a billboard, we will ensure that your marketing needs are met, and that you stand out among the competition.

>> An Agency That Connects

Talents that seek our services to help them grow their personal brands both online and offline. Companies and organizations come to us to grow awareness and preference for their products and brands through celebrities, athletes, content creators (both global influencers and micro-influencers) and influencers.

>> An Agency That Collaborates

We create and nurture mutually beneficial relationships between top athletes and exceptional brands. Representing talents, social media personalities, and the right brands from every category has allowed us to develop strong brand relationships across almost every industry providing even more opportunities for everyone involved.

>> An Agency That Creates

It’s creative thinking, determination and perseverance that helps grow the reach and following of our talents and helps to create the most authentic version of themselves. We support your brand and help create opportunities that allow you to share amazing digital content and spark awesome conversations with your audiences and fans across social media and digital channels.

>> An Agency That Converts

One of our primary goals is to create connections and content that engages and entertains consumers while delivering a return on investment. Our marketing strategies to amplify reach, engagement, leverage social, and obtain measurable ROI are what our digital marketing agency specializes in. As importantly, we gather valuable insights and metrics from the conversations to build further momentum and reach for the advertising campaign as well as for future collaborations and initiatives.

Across Canada, the US and Worldwide, We Create Inspiring Journeys Between Athletes, Content Creators, Audiences and Brands

We are more than just a sports agency. We are more than just a social media influencer agency. We are more than just a modeling agency. We are more than just a content creator agency.

We provide more paths and options for influencers to shape their personal brands to reach their short-, medium- and long-term measurable goals and objectives. We also help brands, individuals, and organizations create lasting relationships with macro-influencers and micro-influencers to send the right message to their audience and convert a passive audience to a full fledged buyer and supporter. Every step of the way, Dulcedo ensures to create the most authentic experience for yourself and/or your brand.



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