Meet Maude Trépanier: Senior Model Agent Bringing Style to Montreal

November 28, 2023

Introducing Maude Trépanier, the latest addition to our Dulcedo family as the Senior Model Agent based in Montreal. Hailing from an illustrious background at Folio, Maude brings a wealth of experience that resonates with her exceptional ability to decode briefs and connect brands with models seamlessly. Her track record includes collaborating with renowned accounts such as Laura Cana, Lole, Ssense, Ribkoff, FAO, Shan, Tristan, and more. A maestro in client budget management and a stickler for punctuality, Maude sets industry benchmarks with her expertise in negotiating model tariffs and advertising rights. However, beyond her professional accomplishments, Maude's compassionate spirit shines through as she dedicates her time to volunteering at Le Chainon. Join us in welcoming Maude Trépanier to the Dulcedo team, where her unique blend of skills and heartfelt dedication is set to make a lasting impact.

Can you tell us a little about your background and how you became a model agent? 

I started my career a little over 20 years ago working as a hair stylist and dancing for an entertainment company and Cirque du Soleil’s private events. Five years later, I left the beauty business and slowly made myself a place in the hospitality industry, developing brand image, executing high-scale strategic event production, and managing sales and event divisions. In 2020, while I wanted to pivot my career into fashion marketing, I was headhunted and started to work in a renowned model agency.

How long have you been working in the modeling industry, and what inspired you to pursue this career? 

Three years as a Senior Model Agent but have been collaborating with the fashion industry throughout my career over the years. I am simply on my X, a perfect mix of business with interpersonal relationships and creativity.

What are some of the biggest challenges you've faced as a model agent, and how have you overcome them? 

Our job can get really personal and chaotic. I had to handle complex situations, and it is a privilege for me to be up service to people. Helping them get out of the crises with tools that I personally apply in my life to increase their self-esteem so they can perform better. We are constantly dealing with logistics where situations are unpredictable. Hurricanes in Miami, midnight flight cancellations, visas, or passports that are being lost on the other side of the globe, sending a girl to Europe within a few hours, etc. I once spent 5 hours working at the hospital with a girl from out of town who had a discomfort on set. The trick is to get out of the panic box, be solution-oriented, and efficient, and take one step at a time!

How do you identify new talent, and what do you look for in potential models? 

Social media and connections are big tools along with street scouting and looking through Mother Agencies. I am very strategic when I look at a candidate. Yes, I focus on the “canva,” the look, and if the person is photogenic. But does she or he match a specific market and target clients? How is their personality and willingness? These are important factors to consider.

How do you stay up-to-date with industry trends and changes, and what steps do you take to ensure that your models are always on the cutting edge? 

I stay curious via media, conversations, and articles that are not specifically from the fashion industry. I like to think outside of the box and stay intuitive. Communication and transparency are key; I try to always come with an educational spirit.

What are your thoughts on the modeling industry in Canada? And what are your thoughts on the growth that has taken place over your time in the industry? 

I believe that Canada occupies a solid position in the global modeling industry. Agencies have quality relationships with major international markets, and locally, Montreal benefits from a strong presence of brands and extremely talented talents, enabling us to maintain sustainable and continuous growth. I entered the fashion industry during Covid, a period of uncertainty and instability. Above all, I've had the opportunity to see companies thrive by investing in strong creative plans. Fortunately, I'm just a stone's throw away from my collaborators, to accompany them in their growth and be part of their journey.

What made you decide to join Dulcedo? 

Dulcedo and I share the same core values; we have a “sky's the limit” vision where learning opportunities are encouraged and unlimited. I am also grateful that we engage in the same causes.

What are your goals for the future, both for your career as a model agent and for the models you represent? 

My goal is to empower models to achieve their professional goals and help them build a solid brand and business plan that will elevate them to the next level of their careers, both locally and internationally. As for me, I would like to further expand my presence and responsibilities in the international markets.

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Meet Maude Trépanier: Senior Model Agent Bringing Style to Montreal

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