Michelle Chubb featured on Huffington Post: Empowering Indigenous Culture through Fashion and Advocacy

July 26, 2023

In the world of fashion influencers on social media, Michelle Chubb stands out with her platform, Indigenous Baddie. Hailing from Winnipeg, Chubb grew up immersed in her Bunibonibee Cree Nation reserve's earth-centered Indigenous traditions. However, as a teen, she faced challenges in holding onto her heritage due to fears of being teased for being different.
Turning to YouTube and style content, Chubb found her creative outlet, allowing her to embrace her identity once more. Through her unique blend of style, culture, and profound calls to action, she has gained an impressive following of nearly 850,000 on social media.
With Indigenous Baddie, Chubb showcases the vastness of Indigenous culture, recognizing the diversity among various tribes and communities. She aims to be a voice for Indigenous culture that she felt was missing, and her platform has attracted a diverse audience eager to learn more about her heritage.
One of Chubb's core missions is to support Indigenous artists and designers who combat the historical erasure of Native American expression through their beautiful creations. She actively seeks out handmade Indigenous-style earrings and Indigenous-owned clothing companies, such as Lauren Good Day and Resist Clothing.
Reclaiming her culture, Chubb has started incorporating traditional ribbon skirts into her daily attire, symbolizing the importance of womanhood in Native culture. By embracing traditional clothing, she makes a powerful statement about preserving her heritage.
Immersing herself in powwows, Chubb experiences healing, comfort, and a sense of responsibility to preserve her customs for future generations. She understands the pressing need to protect Indigenous languages, given their historical trauma and the threat of extinction.
Determined to make a difference, Chubb incorporates Indigenous languages both online and at home, teaching her 1-year-old daughter Cree language to ensure the preservation of their heritage. Her advocacy extends beyond fashion, as she sheds light on critical issues like the epidemic of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls.
The allure of her online persona, "Indigenous Baddie," lies in her ability to fuse personal style with unwavering advocacy for all Indigenous cultures. Chubb believes that self-expression is a powerful tool for reclaiming power and agency. She wants both non-Indigenous and Indigenous individuals to understand the challenges faced by Indigenous communities and to embrace and reconnect with their heritage.
Michelle Chubb's journey as a content creator and fashion influencer exemplifies the transformative power of embracing one's culture and using one's platform to advocate for social issues. Her dedication to preserving Indigenous traditions and fostering cultural pride serves as an inspiration to others and helps bridge the gap between communities, encouraging understanding, support, and solidarity.

Read more in-depth about Michelle and her advocacy on the Huffington Post!

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