Unveiling Apple Vision Pro: The Future of Technology and Innovation with Gaming Agent Justin Williams

February 22, 2024

We sat down with Justin Williams, Dulcedo Talent Agent, deeply entrenched in the ever-evolving world of technology and innovation, to gain his invaluable insights on the much-anticipated release of Apple Vision Pro. With a keen eye for emerging trends and a passion for pushing the boundaries of gaming and entertainment, Justin's perspective promises to shed light on the potential impact of this groundbreaking technology on both industries. Join us as we delve into his thoughts and reflections on Apple's latest venture into the realm of virtual and augmented reality.

What are your insights on Apple's vision for the future, particularly in terms of technology and innovation?

While Apple might not be the official pioneer of modern technology features (i.e., fingerprints/face ID, etc.), no one markets to the world better than they do. To that end, VR and AR have been roaming the markets for a long time now. Here is the difference with Apple, however. They may take time to release features slower than other companies, but when it is released, it's masterful, a work of art, more than a piece of technology. This is precisely what we see with the release of the new Apple Vision Pro. Their products embody a patient explosion, carrying an ultra-premium feel that fills the user with pride in that bitten apple logo. So while Apple seemingly continues to release modern technology a year or two behind its competitors, when it is released, you'll be hard-pressed to find a higher-quality product.

With the anticipated widespread availability of this new technology, what aspects of it are you most enthusiastic about as a tech geek?

As a total computer and tech nerd, new technology excites me to no end. Some Apple product follows me wherever I go, whether it is my MacBook, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods, you name it-- at least one of these things will be on me wherever I go. That being said, the Apple Vision Pro, just like many VR and AR pieces of hardware, is not built for the "daily carry." The Apple Vision Pro is built to be accessible at your home or office desk. Very effective when used at either of those locations, I might add, however, I recently saw a video of someone using it on the subway, and to me, that seems like overkill. Pulling out your laptop on a subway seems far easier than wearing a headset, pinching your fingers in the air, and typing on a virtual keyboard in tight quarters. Ultimately, I'm most excited to see the amount of creativity that can come from the Vision Pro when used for its productivity purposes.
Pictured: Justin Williams. Graphic by Carl Dave Santos.

How do you foresee the Apple Vision influencing the landscape of gaming and entertainment?

With Apple continuing to add to its Arcade landscape, I can foresee many new VR/AR game developers eager to jump on board and get integrated into the Apple ecosystem. Looking forward to seeing Apple Vision not only be a productive piece of hardware but also an entertainment outlet for more than just TV and movies, but that will come at a cost as I specify below.

From a consumer perspective, what factors do you believe make the Apple Vision a worthwhile investment in terms of its features, capabilities, and potential impact?

Productivity on the Apple Vision Pro at this very moment is likely to be very high. Dare I say it is the highest it will ever be knowing that there are not millions of applications that could distract someone yet. I think over time, as the Vision Pro further incorporates into the Apple ecosystem, and as more developers integrate into the product, the Vision Pro will become a less productive piece of hardware and simply become a luxury piece of VR/AR equipment. I love the product, the price point is a little tough for the majority of consumers, I would say, and I hope it succeeds, but ultimately, the more that is integrated into it, the less productive overall I feel it will become.

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