The Digital Revolution Starts Now: DDA Enters the Chat with Director Ben Carter

Agency News

by Ashley | April 10, 2023

Get ready to revolutionize your influencer marketing game with the launch of Dulcedo Digital Agency (DDA)! In this exclusive interview, founder Ben Carter shares the exciting news about DDA’s full-service influencer campaign agency, which specializes in delivering unparalleled guidance for optimal performance. With the exponential growth of influencer spend, it’s now more important than ever to have a team of experts with best practices, data-driven reporting, new platform education, and a full 360 service that adds value to your brand. From the most memorable campaigns of 2022 to DDA’s core philosophy, Ben highlights the agency’s expertise in understanding platforms, staying ahead of the curve, and delivering top-notch results. Brands can get in touch with Ben directly via email at [email protected] to experience the game-changing impact of DDA’s specialized influencer marketing services.

What is Dulcedo Digital Agency?

Ben Carter: DDA is a full-service Influencer Campaign Agency. We believe in being specialized in one thing rather than being the second best in many things!

Why did you feel now is the right time to introduce a well-established brand to the public sphere?

BC: DDA has been operating since 2016 but given the growth of Influencer spend, I felt it is even more important to have the guidance of best practices, measurements, positive ROI, new platform education, and everything in between for Influencers. The service is based on two needs – having enough time to run frequent Influencer campaigns or needing the education to run successful Influencer campaigns. As a media manager, brand manager, etc, you already have enough on your plate, so let someone more specialized come in and add value.

How does DDA differentiate itself from its competitors?

BC: Three components: Data-driven reporting, new platform education, and not just execution.
Data-Driven reporting allows us to build patterns of performance and use them in the next round of campaigns

New platform education allows us to implement strategies based on real-time learnings from the talents we manage or our relationships with the platforms direct

Not just execution is a sentiment we have of the standard of our competitors. We feel that brands are under-serviced from a creative standpoint and a lot of brands just get an execution service rather than a full 360 service.

What are some of your most memorable campaigns from 2022?

BC: It would be working with clients that trust our expertise. This allows us to implement our strategies for best performance rather than ‘just execute’ which is from my point above.

As a successful digital marketing pioneer, what is your core philosophy (branding, marketing, partnerships, etc)?

BC: Let us do what we do best – influencer marketing. If you are hiring an agency, you want to have expectations that they are the experts and there should be trust in that. In 2023, some of my core philosophies are optimizing content for search, creating educational content, doubling down on best-performing content on the Influencers channel, and integrating the brand’s product/service and community engagement through replying to comments with ties in with optimizing the content for search.

What are you most proud of when it comes to DDA?

BC: Our expertise. We really pride ourselves on understanding platforms and what is working whilst staying 1 step ahead of the current. Translating that to our clients and seeing the campaign perform is always a proud moment.

How can brands get in touch and work with you?

BC: Simple! Email me at [email protected]!