Furthermore, our strong branding and creative capabilities combine with proven expertise in marketing strategy, public relations and digital platforms to round out our full-service offer and provide turnkey talent management and brand activation solutions.

Corporations and media looking to create opportunities with our top-tier talent appreciate the turnkey solutions we offer from finding the right profile to activating traditional and digital campaigns.

The team

Dulcedo CEO, Co-owner


Entrepreneurship is a part of Karim S. Leduc's DNA. As both his father and grandfather were business owners, Karim naturally gravitated towards the business space. When he was just shy of his 13th birthday, his natural ability to build communities led to him forming gaming groups that attracted memberships within the hundreds. At 15, he hit a milestone in his business journey, becoming a self-taught web designer as several personal projects sparked a passion for the creative arts. A few short years later, he launched his first web development and marketing agency, at the time called Revision Multimedia, and later renamed Imagemotion. In 2017, he successfully exited in 2017 to focus entirely on Dulcedo, his true passion and the center of his attention since its inception.

Karim focused on growing his young enterprise while completing his professional College Degree in Business Management at Ahuntsic College and later studying Business Management and Marketing at the Université du Québec à Montréal, but ultimately he decided to take a risk and dropped out early to pursue his role as President at both Imagemotion and Dulcedo.

While co-founding Dulcedo with the help of one of his early team members, Karim’s vision for building an international and multicultural community would lead him to choose the company’s iconic name in classic Latin as an ode to his idea. Dulcedo would go on to become the first model agency that capitalized on the digital and social media boom of the late aughts and became the standard bearer for digitizing the Canadian modeling industry.

As social media was revolutionizing the internet, Karim secured his first celebrity clients for image management and single-handedly formed the influencer representation branch at Dulcedo while hiring, training and supervising the first agent of the sort in a professional agency in Canada.

As CEO, Karim oversees the company’s growth and vision for expansion. Karim’s calling and passion for the art of Talent Management, the signature of Dulcedo, is the reason he intently remains at the head of the group’s core service. Karim believes the agent title is sacred in an industry where wealth is not alone a factor in becoming successful, but where success is measured by how trusted agents are by their elite clientele.

Playing an active role in building strong relationships with some of the world’s most exceptional individuals, Karim has helped to architect hundreds of successful talent careers over the better part of a decade during which he was personally responsible for the late iconic Zombie Boy several years up to his passing, Claudia Tihan, Marc Fitt, and Max Parrot, to name a few.

Karim has steered the organization to grow into a network of services and now seven sister-divisions that represent talent from a wide spectrum of backgrounds, including but not limited to: professional athletes, celebrities, content creators, influencers, models, and more.

Though passionate about business, Karim's true love is found within mentorship and helping others succeed. He co-founded "Le Cercle", a non-for-profit organization to mentor and guide young entrepreneurs by providing counsel and networking. When he's not busy innovating or helping motivate young minds, Karim enjoys snowboarding, riding his motorcycle, delving deep into topics of spirituality and wellness, and spending time with his close-knit family and friends.

Dulcedo Co-owner


Holding degrees in Law, Political Science, and Advertising from the Université de Montréal, Karim Rekik brings diverse and skillful expertise as Senior Partner in Dulcedo.

Having been with the company since its early inception, Karim has managed diverse talents for over 15 years. He specializes in creating and capitalizing on opportunities for his talents and building strong relationships between them and notable brands. The key to his success as a talent manager is ensuring his talent's best interests are always at the heart of any conversation and that there is an organic alignment between a talent and brand.

Karim is known for thinking big picture and ensuring that Dulcedo has a strong corporate culture that stays true to its core beliefs and value system. He recognizes that a strong culture is the cornerstone of any prosperous organization.

With Dulcedo having gone from strength to strength, it can be credited to Karim's passion for the work and industry. Over a decade later, he is still genuinely excited about every new venture and project that the company takes on. While the group has gone through anticipated valleys and peaks like any corporation, Karim has helped to conceive a team with diverse backgrounds and skills to take on any challenge that an uncertain market may deliver.

Karim’s specialties and responsibilities include marketing, talent management, company building, asset allocation, capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, venture capital, and executive management.

Dulcedo Co-owner


Benjamin Carter began his career in the infancy of the Influencer space, over a decade ago. As an early adopter of the influencer marketing model, Benjamin has cultivated a reputation as one of the pioneers of the Influencer industry, specifically within Canada. He has worked on some of the largest influencer campaigns in the country and has represented some of the best-known names and faces within the field.

Having managed over $20M+ in influencer spend, Benjamin specializes in data-driven strategies that ensure both talents and client/brand goals are exceeded. His strong focus on state-of-the-art marketing methods, platform viability, and an action-guided approach have been the impetus to some of the most well known digital campaigns in recent years.

He chose this role because he has a passion for seeing people succeed. Having been a part of these stories allows him the freedom to not worry about living for the weekend.

Benjamin’s specialties include talent management, digital marketing, and data analysis to create memorable and exceptional campaigns.




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