Dylan Kolak

Athlete /

Elite Gymnast

Dylan Kolak is a 21 year old from Pomona, New York who is on the Men's Gymnastics team at the University of Illinois. He's been an Elite Gymnast since he was 5 years old and he’ll be competing for UIUC until May 2024 and has hopes to make it onto the Croatian National Gymnastics team in 2023. Dylan is also a full time college student at UIUC majoring in Marine Biology with a minor in Filmmaking and acting, he would like to combine these passions into a career working to stop the issues the oceans face due to climate change. Additionally, Dylan is a social media creator on Tiktok and Instagram with around 750,000 followers on Tiktok and 105,000 followers on Instagram, He posts a variety of content for his fan base relating to his passions in Gymnastics, Weightlifting, Fashion, Lifestyle, and Fitness.


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