Dustin Poirier Hometown Hero

May 24, 2019 – Ben Goldberg

The inclination to auction off fight kits in the name of charity is one characteristic of Dustin Poirier that distinguishes him from fellow fighters in the UFC; that, and his sudden undeniable rise of success. If the overwhelming talent and strength Dustin constantly demonstrates is not enough to make sports fans adore him, the outstanding commitment to philanthropy and charitable initiatives certainly does.

Originating from Lafayette, Louisiana, Dustin has diverted much of his fortune to give back to his hometown. The family values man takes pride in his local community and all of its inhabitants, visible in his donations to the homeless and regular auction of his fight kits that would otherwise go into storage. Dustin, however, recognized that many people would not be able to afford the coveted kits, and thought up another way to raise money using his large platform and devout following. The Good Fight Foundation, created by Dustin and his wife, is a non-profit that allows anyone to help the people of Louisiana who are hungry, homeless, or have suffered a loss in the family, such as the family of Cpl. Michael Middlebrook who was shot dead in the line of duty. Dustin has also pledged funds from this charity and the auctions of his fight kits to build a playground at his old middle school, specifying that it be accessible to children with special needs in honour of the late seven-year-old, Aaron Hill.
The topics that Dustin invests his attention, care, and affluence into are ones that virtually everyone can get behind, yet may not have been aware of. For that reason, Dustin has resembled a hero for the state of Louisiana and a beloved fighter in mixed martial arts, as his determination to win and dedication to help society define his identity. For all his recent achievements and initiatives, it is evident why the UFC fighter is being honoured with a key to the city of Lafayette on May 15th, 2019, an event by which 15% of proceeds will, of course, go to The Good Fight Foundation.
Bowie, Brad. The Advocate, 16 May 2019.
Dustin Poirier Hometown Hero

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