Marina began her career as a contemporary dancer since she was 5 years old. Fast forward 13 years later at the age of 18, she had become a prominent professional dancer and contortionist in Ukraine. Marina then moved to the US in 2018 as a choreographer for a highly successful Cirque show in Las Vegas, to then appearing and achieving as a semi finalist on America’s Got Talent. After AGT , Marina was cast as the main villain in “Malignant” - Gabriel, directed by James Wan (nominated as the best villain by CRITICS CHOICE AWARDS in 2022); in 2020 she was cast in “The Unholy” Sony Pictures as Mary Elnor, and then in “Resident Evil” as Lisa Trevor. She was a recurring star as Echo on a TV show ‘The Girl In the Woods’ on NBC Peacock in 2021. Marina just wrapped 9 months of shooting in Budapest for John Wick’s prequel “The Continental” where she plays Gretel, a high table assassin with Mel Gibson.


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