Introducing Kick: The Challenger to Twitch’s Dominance

August 30, 2023

In the dynamic world of video game streaming, a new contender has emerged to take on the mighty Amazon-owned Twitch. Kick, the innovative streaming service, is making bold moves by investing millions in talent, directly challenging the established norms of the industry. One of the major draws for creators is Kick's groundbreaking revenue-sharing model, offering streamers an impressive 95/5 split. This means content creators can retain a whopping 95% of their subscription revenue, setting a new benchmark for the industry. To put this into perspective, Twitch offers a less favorable 50/50 split for most streamers, while YouTube Gaming's split is 70/30.
For years, Twitch has held a monopoly on the video game streaming landscape, making it a daunting task for newcomers to find their footing. Even YouTube, a Google-owned powerhouse, struggled to gain traction in this competitive space and eventually merged its YouTube Gaming app with the main platform due to lack of popularity. This ecosystem saw little competition since the shutdown of Microsoft-owned Mixer in 2020. Kick's emergence is, therefore, a breath of fresh air, offering new streamers a viable alternative to Twitch and YouTube.

A Blossoming Newcomer: Kick's Rapid Growth

Although Kick is a newcomer, its growth has been nothing short of impressive. Since its launch earlier this year, the platform has swiftly garnered attention, boasting 5 million accounts by the end of May and an astonishing 12 million by early July. However, it's essential to recognize that despite its rapid ascent, Kick still faces the considerable shadow of Twitch. With a user base of 140 million active users, Twitch maintains a mature dominance in the industry.

Navigating the Financial Landscape

While Kick offers an attractive proposition to streamers, there are certain nuances that creators need to weigh. Notably, some established Twitch streamers have raised ethical concerns regarding Kick's financial backing from the crypto-gambling site Stake. However, the lure of generous financial incentives on Kick might outweigh potential audience limitations. Nevertheless, history serves as a reminder of the graveyard of failed streaming services. This prompts us to question whether the grass is truly greener on Kick's side.

Crunching the Numbers: Comparing Revenue Potential

In the realm of streaming, financial sustainability is a formidable challenge. With millions of channels vying for attention, most fall into obscurity, struggling to build a substantial following. Even attaining Twitch Affiliate status, a prerequisite for the subscription revenue stream, demands consistent effort. This involves broadcasting for 500 minutes over seven unique days, maintaining an average of three concurrent viewers, and amassing a minimum of 50 followers.
On Twitch, the 50/50 revenue split translates to $2.50 from each $5 subscription. Consequently, 10 subscribers yield a monthly income of $25. In contrast, Kick offers a remarkable $4.75 for every $5 subscription, amounting to $47.50 for 10 subscribers. While these numbers are enticing, it's important to note that subscriptions represent just one avenue of income. Donations, tips, and sponsorships play pivotal roles in rounding out a creator's earnings.

Audience Dynamics: Kick vs. Twitch

When choosing a streaming platform, understanding the audience is paramount. Kick's audience, being relatively new, tends to be more attuned to online spaces and may lean toward more niche interests. In contrast, Twitch prides itself on catering to a broad spectrum of viewers, including family-friendly content. Kick's willingness to embrace more adult-oriented themes, as evidenced by its content categories, sets it apart from Twitch's approach.
Kick's viewership might be smaller, but it's likely to be more engaged and focused. While Twitch attracts a diverse range of viewers, Kick's audience is expected to have a narrower focus, making it a potential goldmine for creators who specialize in specific content niches.

Survival in a Fickle Landscape

Kick's promising outlook must also contend with the challenging reality of sustaining a streaming service. Mixer's swift demise, despite Microsoft's backing, serves as a cautionary tale. Streaming platforms entail significant operational costs, and even Twitch, backed by Amazon, hasn't achieved profitability. This landscape emphasizes the need for creators to have contingency plans, such as fostering strong connections with viewers on other platforms like Discord.

Simultaneous Streaming: Expanding Horizons

Simulcasting, or streaming on multiple platforms concurrently, can widen a creator's reach. However, certain limitations and rules apply. Twitch's policies restrict simulcasting on competing platforms like YouTube Gaming, Facebook, and Kick for Partner Program members. Twitch has recently expanded these restrictions, encompassing all streamers unless granted "advance written permission." Despite the complexities, some streamers have adopted strategies like starting on Twitch and later transitioning to Kick, inviting their audience along.

The Moral Quandary

Kick's affiliation with, a crypto-gambling site, has raised ethical concerns among notable streamers. Notably, top streamer Pokimane expressed her unwillingness to stream on Kick due to these concerns. It's essential to acknowledge these moral considerations when choosing a platform, as they might resonate with your personal values.

The Road Ahead

In the rapidly evolving landscape of video game streaming, Kick presents an enticing alternative to the entrenched Twitch. Its revolutionary revenue-sharing model and niche-oriented audience offer creators a chance to thrive in a unique space. However, creators must navigate financial, ethical, and logistical considerations before taking the leap. As Kick's future unfolds, it remains to be seen whether it will disrupt the status quo and become a permanent fixture in the streaming landscape.

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