Molly Carlson’s Inspiring Journey from Olympics to High Diving

September 19, 2023

In 2016, Molly Carlson's sole ambition was to join Canada's Olympic diving team. But the relentless pursuit of this goal left the 17-year-old battling anxiety and body image issues. Surprisingly, when she narrowly missed the Olympic cut, she felt relieved, realizing that self-love was more important.
This revelation marked a turning point. Molly transitioned to high diving, leaping from towering 20-meter platforms and finding a newfound sense of self-acceptance. Supported by her college's resources and her family, she thrived both in and out of the water.
Documenting her journey on social media, Molly gained a substantial following and created the #BraveGang community, inspiring others to share their stories of courage.
With the backing of her loved ones and fellow Red Bull high diver Aidan Heslop, Molly clinched second place at the aquatics world championships. Her future goal? Competing in the 2028 Olympics' inaugural high diving event, breaking stereotypes along the way.
Molly Carlson's story emphasizes that true bravery lies in embracing and loving oneself. Read more at, where Molly opened up about overcoming anxiety and embracing health and mental wellness.
Molly Carlson’s Inspiring Journey from Olympics to High Diving

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