Olympic skateboarder Annie Guglia is on a mission to grow the sport, especially among girls

July 7, 2023

Annie Guglia, the first female skateboarder to represent Canada at the Olympics, is embarking on a month-long road trip with her girlfriend and their dogs, traveling from Montreal to Vancouver in a Dodge Ram van. Along the way, they will camp, vacation, and skate with various communities. Guglia, known as the queen of Canadian skateboarding, is now the president of Canada Skateboard, a small but influential national federation. With over two decades of skateboarding experience and a background in business, Guglia is well-suited to promote and grow the sport in Canada, aiming to make it more inclusive and diverse. She is particularly passionate about encouraging more female participation in competitions. Guglia's role involves qualifying athletes for the 2024 Paris Olympics and ensuring the essence of skateboarding is preserved. She is actively involved in community events, teaching tricks, and introducing people to skateboarding. Guglia's leadership has been praised, and she is determined to learn and lead effectively, supported by a dedicated board. With skateboarding gaining popularity and opportunities expanding, Guglia envisions a bright future for the sport.
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