A partnership that’s good for the gut

July 16, 2019 – Thomas Houlton

An advocate for health, wellness, and a holistic lifestyle, Cath Bastien's newest partnership with Activia Canada comes as a no brainer. After Cath was invited to join their Miami gut health retreat in March, she came home with a bank of knowledge about gut health and the importance of daily probiotics to improve and regulate digestive health.
Since then, Cath has integrated Activia products into her daily routine in conjunction with her yoga and workouts, to maximize her overall wellness.
Her career might have started with a focus on physical fitness, but the health yogi quickly realized that health and wellness come from more than just muscle mass and fat loss. Cath is excited to be embarking on this journey with Activia to use her platform to spread the word that health, wellness, and fitness are all elements that start from within, through a healthy gut.
A partnership that’s good for the gut

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