Luke Prokop Graces the Cover of Glory Sports

July 18, 2023

Congrats to Luke Prokop, the latest cover star for Glory Sports.
Luke's path to professional hockey shares similarities with those who have come before him. He spent his childhood on the ice, looking up to iconic Canadians like Shea Weber and leaving his mark on his parent's house with a flurry of hockey pucks. However, in 2021, Luke made a groundbreaking announcement that had never been heard in the NHL before.
He courageously emerged as the first openly gay player with an NHL contract. Now, with consecutive appearances in the Memorial Cup and aspirations for a successful NHL career, Luke is responsible for excelling on the ice and championing representation in the locker room.
Just before his first Pride Parade in Toronto this past June, Glory Sports had the privilege of sitting down with Luke to delve into his personal journey, his team's arduous path to the Memorial Cup, and his aspirations for transforming hockey culture as he progresses toward the NHL.
Luke Prokop Graces the Cover of Glory Sports

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